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January 2012

The biggest problem with Social Media is the hype (and 3 ways to avoid that).

As 2012 dawns, most marketing managers have ‘update Facebook’ or set up Twitter on their action list. But be advised to look before you lurch...

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January 2011

10 Tips to Being Fabulous on Facebook

New to using Facebook for business? Read these 10 reaons which tells you the basics

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March 2010
Is Making Tea (not war) the Key to Leading a Team to Glory? Adrian Birrell, Coach to the 2007 World Cup Irish Cricket team talks about how making tea, not war, can help separate the men from the boys.
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February 2010
Dublin February Web Summit Post Mortem, Trinity College Dublin. I left the lecture hall both feeling good and with a new view on ‘internetonomics’.
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