How to succeed online?

Like a retail shop that needs enough footfall and sales, successful websites:

1. Generate enough traffic or visitors.

2. Convert: get your visitors to do the thing you want them to do, e.g., buy from you, make an enquiry, sign up to a free trial.

The same traffic and conversion principle applies whether you are selling a product (e.g. a book, concert tickets, a flight) or an idea (a 'preserve water' campaign, vote me in as President, eat your 5-veg-a-day)

1. You generate traffic by having:

  • Great content: keyword-rich and with the appropriate tone and style for your audience.
  • A Search-Engine-Optimised website. That your site is set up in a way that it's easy for search engines like Google to find it.
  • Enough one-way links to your site. Put simply each quality link acts as a 'vote' for your site's usefulness.

2. You convert successfully by:

  • Having content on your site that answers all the questions people want to know before they buy.
  • Capturing your visitors data. Most people do not buy the first time they look at a site - but you can tempt them to come back! One way of doing this can be to ask for their email address in return for some free quality information.
  • Good usability: a site that is intuitive and easy to use by your users.
  • Having obvious calls-to-action ilke 'buy now,' 'free trial' etc.

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