Blog - January 2010 - The 5 biggest tech developments in the Noughties?

The 5 biggest tech developments in the Noughties?

In the Ireland of 1999, dial-up was standard. For any reader under 20 - yes you really did have to choose between making a phone call and using the Internet.

In 1999, if you said “email me” to somebody on the 46A, they would look at you in awe.

A dear friend once asked me “Do you know how to send a he-male?” I told her I met he-males - daily.

Back then, using email was considered pretty advanced; sending files over the internet was impressive and the very idea of 'downloading a file' was deemed positively exotic. Offices often shared one email address which everyone accessed (and often only one computer had 'internet access'). A typical email addresses in a small business was ' company@iol.ieThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ' Having your own domain name was a luxury akin to owning a villa in Marbella.

Thanks to favourable corporate tax breaks we are now the home of Google, the world's most popular search engine, and a company who influences how we all use the web in a more significant way than we realise.

In 2010, broadband at home in Ireland is common; dial-up is but a dodgy and distant memory. Every punter has an email address and pretty much everybody who works at a computer has internet access. This year my Canadian-based brother posted an video of himself modelling the Guinness Pyjamas on YouTube as a Christmas family greeting.

So my vote as to the top 5 biggest things to hit the web in the Noughties?

1. Google (they made searching the web easy).

2. Better and more affordable Broadband.

3. Free email addresses.

4. Facebook.

5. Yahoo creating a 'My Yahoo' homepage. This got people used to the idea of tailoring their homepage to their own preferences.

And you what do you think?